Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu                                                                                                                                                                    




                                                                                  August 20




No School






August 21






August 22

Macaroni & Cheese   
Chicken Strips
Garden Salad
Seasoned    Peas                                   Fruit

Alt: Hot Dog


August 23     Thursday

Donato's  Pizza
Marinara Sauce
Garden Salad

Alt: Hot Dog
PBJ Sandwich



August 24

WG Bun
Green Beans

  • An Elementary lunch includes 5 components; an entree item with protein, a grain, vegetables, fruit and milk selection. All students must take at least one serving of fruit or vegetable daily.
  • We will usually have a hot dog as an alternative to the main entree. The student just needs to request it at the time of ordering lunch in the morning or, as they are coming through the serving line, they can ask a server for a hot dog.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

  • Volunteers are needed for serving:
    • Monday 9:00 - 1:00
    • Tuesday 9:00-1:00
    • Wednesday 9:00-1:00
    • Thursday 9:00-1:00
    • Friday 9:-1:00
  • Volunteers are needed for Snack Bar
    • Monday 10 - 12:30
    • Tuesday  10-12:30
    • Wenesday 10 -12:30
    • Thursday 10-12:30
    • Friday 10-12:30
  • Volunteers receive a free lunch the day they serve along with their children.
  • Scheduling could be for one day a week, once a month, twice a month...
  • Contact Linda Sowers or the kitchen for more information @ 614-875-3000 ext 253,

 Middle School/High School    


Download a Free / Reduced Meal Form

Download a Food Allergy / Special Diet Request Form

Cafeteria News

If school is closed for a calamity day, the menu will remain the same as listed for the week.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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