Choir - Grades 6-12

About our Choir Offerings for Grades 6-12

Students in 6th-12th grade have the opportunity to participate in choir. Throughout their time in the choral program, students learn about their voices and how to use them in a group and solo setting. Students practice sight-reading on a weekly basis using solfege in order to improve their music reading abilities and musicianship. They also continue to learn about music theory and music history throughout their time in the choir program.


Currently, we have a middle school choir and a high school choir that is an elective for students in 7th-12th. All 6th grade students participate in 6th grade choir, which is a transitional class between general music and choir class. Students sing a variety of music, from sacred hymns to current pop hits and even some world music.

Concerts and Contests

6th grade choir students participate in 2 concerts a year along with the intermediate bands and 5th grade choir. Middle School Choir and High School Choir perform at the Christmas concert, the Night of the Fine Arts, and the Spring Choir Concert. Our middle school and high school choir students also have the opportunity to perform at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble competition in the spring. The High School Choir frequently performs at sporting events, honors choirs, and events throughout the community.

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