Why Technology at GCCS?

Grove City Christian School recognizes that the training of students in the appropriate and responsible use of technology is an important part of “providing the foundation that cultivates, transforms, and prepares students to be Christian leaders who impact their world.” Students are provided with the opportunity to use school owned and personal electronic devices to research, communicate, collaborate, and develop 21st century skills that will prepare them for their futures. New technologies, such as use of computers, devices attached to a network, electronic communication and the internet, open opportunities for our students to learn new information and types of communication.

The use of these resources and tools is a privilege. These technologies can have a direct impact on instruction and student learning. The School supports the access to, and use of, appropriate resources by staff and students for educational purposes and other legitimate school business based on the user’s legitimate needs. Grove City Christian School has implemented several resources to support and enhance the use of technology in student learning.


Grove City Christian School utilizes RenWeb, a student information system, which allows parents the opportunity to be engaged in the learning of their students. Through their own unique login, parents are able to track and monitor student attendance, lesson plans, assignments and grades. Beginning in 7th grade, families are encouraged to set up an individual login for student use. RenWeb is utilized for all students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Canvas - Our Learning Management System

Learning management systems (LMS) play an important role in 21st century learning as educational institutions have adopted them as a way to enhance the learning process. An LMS is a Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess the learning process. It provides teachers with a way to create and deliver content, communicate with students, monitor student participation, and assess student performance in a digital format. GCCS has adopted Canvas as our LMS for all high school level classes. Canvas serves as an online information center for students to have access to their grades and class assignments. Students use Canvas to upload assignments as well as complete a variety of assessments related to their coursework. Parents have access to their student’s grades, assignments and other class announcements through their own unique login to Canvas. Learning to use an LMS provides students with the necessary skills to navigate courses at the next level and beyond.

Digital Library

The Upper School Library, for students in 7th-12th grade, includes a large collection of reference books from Gale, the library reference division of Cengage Learning Company. Students have access to nonfiction e-Books to support study in all major disciplines, as well as titles to assist high school students with college and career readiness. The e-Books are made available through Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), an e-Book platform from Gale, a leading provider of library resources.

My Math Lab

In middle and high-school math classes, technology is regularly integrated with the curriculum. For the standard course sequence, Pearson’s Realize platform is used for homework and some assessments. In our higher-math courses, the Pearson’s My Math Lab platform is utilized. These platforms give regular feedback to students as they practice at home, offering examples, question help, and assessment of answers. The technology also aides teachers by regularly supplying information about student understanding and effort, enabling them to address student’s individual needs.

Other Technology

In addition to the items previously mentioned, many of our teachers use a variety of other technology resources within their individual classrooms ranging from the use of Google Classroom to online resources such as Quizlet and Khan Academy to apps that can be downloaded to a student’s device or a school provided device. Students use these technologies to practice skills as well as complete formative and summative assessments on a variety of platforms.

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