Elementary School Art

Art for Grades K-6

Where in the school can you find mathematicians, scientists, anthropologists, poets, potters and painters? In the art room, of course! From grades Kindergarten through 6th, our Elementary and Intermediate art program progresses sequentially through its own curriculum and naturally becomes part of the inter-disciplinary process.

Class Schedule

Art class is held once a week for 45 minutes. It focuses on art specific-standards and is biblically based. Students are introduced to various aspects of art including materials and techniques, elements and principles of art and design, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.

Science, math and technology also become part of the process of making art. Language skills improve as students use art terminology and description to respond orally and in written form to their own work, and the work of others. All art students are encouraged to do their best and to use their talents to honor and glorify God with their artwork. As a mini art community, we look for ways to create art that inspires, encourages and shines light into our school, our city and culture. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work at our annual schoolwide Night of Fine Arts and through local ACSI Art Festivals.