Students in 5th-12th grade have the opportunity to participate in band. Throughout their time in the band program, students will have many performance opportunities. The GCCS Band Program is proud to offer students a traditional band experience within the Christian school setting complete with concert and marching band and jazz ensembles that perform on a regular basis.

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Our Program

The GCCS Band Program strives to create strong, independent, disciplined band members in an environment that is both enjoyable and educationally sound. Our program is designed to help students gain a feeling of accomplishment through personal effort, experience a spirit of cooperation through group participation, and provide an outlet for creative expression, while mastering technical execution on their given instrument. At GCCS, we are creating a culture of musical excellence through pride, vision, innovation and Christian values.

Grades 5 & 6 BANDS

5th grade beginning band and 6th grade concert band students participate in two concerts a year, along with the intermediate strings and choirs.

Middle & High School Bands

Our middle and high school bands perform at our annual fall band concert, our Christmas concert, the Night of the Fine Arts and the spring band concert. These students also have the opportunity to perform at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble competition in the spring. Our middle school concert band performs at two yearly competitions through both OMEA and Music in the Parks.

Marching Band

Our marching band consists of students in 8th-12th grade and participates in both the MSBA and OMEA competitive band circuits. They also perform at GCCS football games, along with being involved in many annual parades.